Learning Challenge – Take a Small Step in Their Shoes

How many times have you “practiced” your password to your email? 
When was the last time you changed this password?

Will you consider an experiment about learning and practice?
Will you add one number or letter to the end of your password?

Will you pay attention to the ease (or not) of this change?
Will you come back to this post and record data by answering the following poll questions after 1 day?  2 days? a week?  The poll will be open for your return to enter new data.

We chose our password; we chose the additional learning.  How long does it take us to “learn” this new choice?  How easy is it?  How frustrating can it be?  What if it was not your choice?

How much time and practice is needed to add to current learning?


  1. This is a great question. I hate learning new passwords, but I also value security. About a year ago, I decided to stop using a small handful of passwords for every site, and instead, use 1password, start using it to create unique, cryptographically strong passwords for every site/program, and remember them for me. It’s an amazing tool. Now most of my passwords are strings of 20+ random digits/letters/symbols, and I only need to remember one good password to be able to access all of them.

    This is probably random, and more than you wanted to know, but I think there’s a connection to your real question. What are the tools (which may be technology) out there that really empower us to do the difficult new learning, going beyond what we even thought possible?


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