I’m not smarter than these 6th graders…Posh Problem Posse in action – Part 2

At the first Posh Problem Posse meeting I explained my problem.  I’m running – training for a 10K.  I run very early in the morning in the dark.  I wonder if I am visible enough.  I wear a reflective vest, but can I be seen? Also, because it is cold, I wear a fleece vest which has a pocket to carry my phone.  When it gets warmer, how will I carry my phone?  I need it for safety. I need it for the app that coaches me.  I need it to listen to books and podcasts while I run.

There has been a week between the last meeting and this meeting.  I arrived in my running gear so they can see what I described when we last met. I’m wearing my gloves, vest, shoes, headband, etc.

Color me surprised… They have ideas, questions, and a mock-up prototype for me to see.  Wow!

I’m so sorry I didn’t capture more on video.  It was awesome! I’ve never heard of luminescent wire.

We spent about 20 minutes in a question session.  I wanted to know if the wire was washable.  Would wire on pants help me in the spring? Would they suggest luminescent wire on my running shorts or skirts? Should we consider only wiring my running vest? (I don’t wash it as often as I wash my running clothes.)

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 8.10.56 PMThe boys designed a sketch for me to discuss with them. They feel I need more reflective tape on my vest, and I need lights on my shoes. My current vest has reflective tape at my chest.  Their design has reflective tape spanning from my chest past my waist.  Notice the tuxedo stripes of luminescent wire on the pants. Teamwork in action.

They also are concerned about my fall.  Their hypothesis is that I need lights on my shoes to see when the pavement is uneven.  They are attempting to design lights for my shoes that help me see and also help me be seen.

They asked if they could paint my shoes with neon paint.  Now, I have a thing about my shoes! I don’t think I want my shoes to be painted.  They immediately wondered if they could find reflective tape to add to my shoes.

We, again, discussed my need for a pocket to carry my phone.  They asked if I used an iPhone.  They asked if I wanted the pocket to be padded.  “Just in case you fall again, it will protect your screen from getting smashed.” Sweet!

When I left, they were brainstorming next steps based on my feedback and their new ideas.

How often do we underestimate young learners?  What if we engage as learning partners with our young learners? What if we ask questions that have many answers? What if we ask questions without knowing the answers?


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