PD Courses

What if we design job-embedded opportunities for professional learning? What is we offer time is a variable, learning is a constant professional development that is product based?

Prototypes of online courses for faculty will be offered where the start date and pace are the learner’s choice.  Some courses are completely online, while others are a hybrid of online and face-to-face courses.

Doodling the C’s

Doodling the C’s is a “do and dialogue” course. Together, we will experiment and prototype graphical, non-linear, low-res notes to listen deeply, capture big ideas, make creative connections, and strengthen comprehension and retention of important moments, learnings, and lessons. The primary goals of Doodling the C’s are to dabble in creative note taking and becoming more edu-socially brave.  Experience the motivating discomfort of new learning. Share your successes and your beautiful oops with others.

Embolden Your Inner Mathematician

Embolden Your Inner Mathematician is a 14-week course designed to take action on known national goals. Fifteen  Trinity School teacher-learner-leaders will begin a semester-long professional learning journey to deepen our understanding of NCTM’s Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices.  We commit to curation of best practices, connections between mathematical ideas, and communication to learn and share with a broad audience.

MyLearningEDU 1.5

MyLearningEdu 1.5 is a 2-PLU experiential learning course where educators keep an electronic portfolio of experiences and reflections to enhance learning, expand ability to personalize the learning process, and deepen understanding of their learning and growth.  The primary goals of MyLearningEDU portfolio are to develop professional self-awareness and the habits of reflection and goal-setting.

Twitter for Learning

Twitter for Learning is a series of 1-PLU credit courses designed to increase understanding and engagement in the use of social media for learning.  Each course is designed around challenges to grow learners in the use of Web 2.0 tools such as Twitter and Storify to learn and share.

Course 1:  #BrightSpot Ethnography and #Buoyancy using Twitter.

Course 2: #BrightSpot Connections and Furthering PLN’s

Leading Learners to Level Up (#LL2LU)

Leading Learners to Level Up is a series of 1-PLU credit courses designed around writing learning progressions and developing a system of formative assessment. This course is designed to help teachers find a path for formative assessment that leads learners to level up.  We will tackle the problem of proficiency by developing and implementing a system of formative assessment that harnesses the power of positivity.  Learners will be able to say “I can…” and “Can you help me…” based on the assessment empowering the learner to have control over the path to success.

Observation of Practice

Peer-to-peer observation of practice creates a different approach to the development of teaching practices. A unique feature of this approach is that observation is carried out by a team of colleagues who create a collection of evidence around what they observe.  Everyone involved, whether observed or observing, will focus on the learning of the entire group, not solely on the feedback given to an individual teacher.

Questions are encouraged! Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, for additional information, and to explore opportunities to collaborate.

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