Day 50 (Day 5 Week 10) Learning from home: #ThankYouTeachers: You are loved

Trinity School is a community of learners. I keep saying writing: we are teaching and they are learning. We are learning too.”

Multisensory, active, deep learning experiences are a cornerstone of our learning and teaching. Intentional, purpose-driven, and playful are cornerstones of our learning, too.

On this last day of the 2019-202 school year, I want to again say thank you to our teachers.  You are celebrated! Here is what professional learning has looked like over the course of our year.

We have so much fun together playing to learn!

On this last day of the 2019-2020 school year, we gathered in the parking lot of our school to celebrate our students and families and, in turn, they celebrated us. What an honor.

The children say it best! You are so loved.


Together and apart… we are a community of learners.

We are Trinity School.

I love you, and I miss you.

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