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Leadership Challenge in Implementing Units of Study in Writing #TCRWP

Marsha Harris and I attended Lucy Calkin’s Leadership Challenge in Implementing Units of Study in Writing.  This conference is designed to help school leaders support best practices in the teaching of writing. Rally learners to invest heart and soul in raising the level of work in writing.

Below are my notes from the day-long conference:

I love the ideas in the above sketch:

  • It takes a lot of slow to grow.
  • Teach students to learn.
  • Develop confidence in advance of victory.

How might we narrow the tasks to deepening understanding? What if we set an essential-to-learn to be I can develop my concept of self through my writing?

Session three focused on feedback, building capacity, and conferring.  Do we realize with each moment of feedback we are contributing to the authoring of a learner’s identity?