PD experiment: I want to learn… & I can teach… (2 of 4)

My previous post, PD experiment: I want to learn… & I can teach… (1 of 4), described an idea for developing a plan for professional development based on community input.  We are interested in the unconference idea, but wanted a little more structure.

Molly and Erin posted the prompts in the Faculty Staff Lounge as promised.  We offer sessions at two different times during the day to accommodate faculty and staff hours and responsibilities.

A follow-up email from Molly gave more details:

From: Molly Flavin
Date: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 3:48 PM
To: All Trinity
Subject: Wednesday Workshop February 27th
Hello All,
This month’s Wednesday Workshop on February 27th is dependent upon every member of the community for the 12:30 and 3:30 offerings.   The F/S Forum committee is not providing any classes this month.  We want to put the professional development for next Wednesday into YOUR hands. 🙂  In the upstairs lounge, there are pieces of bulletin board paper.  Please add what you would like to see taught and/or add a class that you would like to teach (please write your name by your class offering :)).  These papers will be up until Thursday afternoon.  We will then compile the offerings and make a sign-up sheet in the same spot.  Staff, feel free to offer any classes or suggestions, and you are more than welcome to attend.
Please email Erin, Molly, Jill, or Laurette with any questions.  Thank you!
-The F/S Forum Committee

Erin and Molly transformed the doodle into this collaboration for our community:


By the deadline our community had asked for and offered the following learning experiences:

I want to learn:

    • a refresher on Power Writing Pre-K style
    • iPads for young children (Pre-K)
    • tech/websites for young students such as Brain Pop Jr.
    • cool math games
    • iPad apps that can teach/facilitate a lesson
    • writing/Power Writing
    • how to work the lights and sound system in AWAC
    • how to get the most out of book clubs in the upper grades
    • how to do small group conferences for CAFE
    • more info about Active Inspire
    • how to be an artist
    • what writing looks like at Trinity in K-1
    • how to use Outlook effectively and to its full potential
    • how to incorporate diversity in the curriculum

I want to teach:

    • about dyslexia
    • Using the Enviroscape regularly
    • iPad Smackdown
    • The Kinesthetic Classroom
    • Walk in the Woods
    • Tech Smackdown
    • fun review games
    • using primary resources (from Library of Congress)
    • Destiny and Media Resources
    • Basketball skills clinic for the big game
    • Making Movies on iPads
    • Power Writing
    • Teaching primary students to navigate non-fiction texts
    • The World to Sing
    • facilitate a class on Outlook tips

Isn’t it great how many things overlapped? The only complaint we’ve heard is that there  are more things we want to learned than available time slots.  What a great problem to have, huh? Isn’t this a wonderful celebration of our strengths as learners?

As indicated, the posted paper was taken down Thursday afternoon to give the team time to match-up I want to learn… with I can teach… requests.

IMG_2079In the next post in this series, I’ll share the offerings, how sign-ups are handled, and a couple of quotes from teachers and staff.


  1. I want to teach… “the world to sing.” Lol. What a fun & eclectic list of desired learning and potential offerings. I’m wondering if there are any potential session mash ups in the list. What a great experiment for your team and faculty.


  2. I want to teach “the world to sing”?? So funny! Also am wondering about Walk in the Woods? Sounds interesting, along with Making Movies on ipads. This reminds me of our “Unfaculty Meeting” held in January at PDS. I’m sure you heard about it when you visited us.
    So much fun for sharing and learning!
    You have a terrific blog, and I enjoy reading it!
    Thank you!


  3. I think the creativity as well as the community service of our community has really wow-ed me. I want to teach the world to sing session involves the pedagogy of teaching with music. Walk in the Woods centers around using our outdoor classroom, literally in the woods, as a learning space – including how to have wifi if needed. Making iMovies on iPads offers examples and instruction on making movies “on the fly” for more instant feedback rather than feeling that you have to upload video clips to your MacBook to make movies.

    My visit to PDS was too short! I did not hear anything about your “Unfaculty Meeting,” but I’m intrigued and want to know more.


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