Blurring the lines between learners

This is a photo of a message painted on the parking lot at a school here in Atlanta. Of course, this school was making it clear who was to park where. It just struck me differently.

Thinking about learning communities… How do we build them? How do we sustain them? How do we help them grow? How do we build learning communities where every learner is recognized as a student and as a teacher?

In how many districts, schools, and classrooms is the dynamic setup as shown in the image to the right? Is there a complete dividing line between faculty and students?

Do the humans who wear the labels of faculty member or student ever cross the border to become the other?¹ Do teachers and students swap roles at least once?… every once in a while?… often?

Is is possible to facilitate learning episodes where we operate as co-learners? If we need a method or argument, let’s ask what if we tried “the Google Way” as a start?

What if we blur the line between faculty and student to move closer to becoming co-learners?


¹(See Bo’s CHANGEd: What if teachers and students swapped roles more often? 60-60-60 #41 and Megan’s CHANGEd 60-60-60: EMPATHY v.2)


  1. This visual speaks volumes, Jill! I appreciate you using it here as a teaser to a more complex and reflective question. How can we truly understand the concept of learner, no matter what our age, position, role, or place in life? The more we examine this question openly, the better off we will be.


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