Learn and Share …AND… Practice and Share – #TrinityLearns

PD opportunities abound, but do they spur change? We go off to conferences and have a great time. We get inspired as we learn and share. But, in the busyness of school upon return, do we act, practice, and prototype what we’ve learned?

If PD does not cause a change in practice, did PD occur?

And, if PD causes a change for one teacher, is that enough? Shelley (@lottascales) and Bo (@boadams1) and I, along with countless others, continue to labor over this question.

How might we leverage learning opportunities to shift more than just one or two teachers? I could cry over the effort put forth with minimal results. We are working to put in place a “learn and share” system, so that our PD learning isn’t limited to the lucky few at conferences. We are not there yet.

But, there are bright spots! For background information, we sent a delegation of teacher-learners to ETT2013 Leading Change in Changing Times: EdTechTeacher iPad Summit USA. Karen Boykins (@K_Boykins) was one of the teachers in our group.  I think Karen was new to tweeting. (I found one tweet from November.) Throughout the conference, Karen tweeted her big take-a-ways and retweeted others.  Awesome!

On Sunday, she sent the following email as a reflection.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 6.59.06 PM

Worth repeating:

I feel inspired to do more, passion for incorporating the iPad more as a learning tool, excited to share & that I used Twitter, a little overwhelmed as I soak it all in and wonder how will my classroom look different, and grateful for the opportunity.

Again, awesome!  To make it even better, on Monday, Karen sent the following tweet.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 10.15.09 PM

Even (more) better, Karen’s work was praised by our colleague Samantha Steinberg (@spsteinberg), another new tweeter at the iPad Summit.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 10.21.39 PM

PD that causes action – on multiple levels – needs to be replicated again and again. Brava to these motivated learners for learning, sharing, practicing, sharing more, and praising each other!

Learn and share.

Apply what you learn.

Broadcast for others to learn too!


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