AP awesome! – A #brightspot reflection

From one of my Kiski boys:

On 5/12/13 4:21 PM, “Alexander G” <* *> wrote:

Hi Jill,
I do not know if but hope that you can remember me from Kiski. I was in my junior year in 2000 – 2001 as an exchange student from Germany and attended your AP Calculus AB class.
After graduating from high school in Germany and the military service, I studied mechanical engineering in Germany and France and did an MBA in Paris. Today I work for a subsidiary of Daimler (you probably know as Mercedes-Benz). It is called Daimler Mobility Services. We are working on new services for urban mobility, such as car2go (see car2go.com). My job as Product Manager is to define a good product experience for the user, which I enjoy very much.
Last week I was in San Francisco for business reasons and met some interesting people who asked me some questions also about my bio. That reminded me of my time in Kiski and all the stuff I have learned during that time. Whenever I have been thinking about Kiski, I recognize how valuable this was to me, especially your class.
It gave me a solid foundation in math and I have been benefiting from it since then throughout my curriculum.
You motivated me to become a good student and showed me how school can be fun.
I can picture it right now sitting in McClintock Hall in front of your office, doing my math homework and asking you questions about Riemann sums, the trapezoidal rule etc, which eventually lead to achieving a 5 in the AP test 🙂
Back then you always said, that we were the best class you’ve taught and most certainly it has been my best throughout high school.
Thank you very much!
Sincerely yours

Thoughtful! Certainly a bright spot, and a great way to start the wrap-up of the end of school year process.

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