The English Connection – #LL2LU with #WALearns & @lottascales

How might we mashup leveled assessment, clarity of expectations, and alignment of curriculum? There is so much to do that we need our work to serve multiple purposes.  What if we meet together as a team to discuss, describe, and build prototypes of learning progressions in student friendly language?

I had the privilege of working with Woodward Academy’s English Connection to investigate these ideas.  Shelley Paul, Woodward’s Director of Learning Design, a.k.a @lottascales, and I facilitated a day-long professional development opportunity for 20 Woodward faculty-learners to experiment and learn.

Our learning plan for the day:

I like the learning plan.  It mirrors the original plan for Leading Learners to Level Up with much richer detail and use of technology way to communicate and collaborate.

I wonder if our plan will help Woodward’s teacher-learners engage in the process and feel confident as they begin the important process to align curriculum both vertically and horizontally.

I want to know more about teaching reading and writing and how it progresses as a young learner grows through our school from Kindergarten through their senior year.

Shelley and I have done some homework.  We have practiced this process with Dee Koscik (@koscikd) and with Peggy McNash (@pmcnash). We also met with the English Connection core committee members to discuss and overview the process.

In my next post, I will share our experience during the session and the feedback from the teacher-learners.  Stay tuned…

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