Enhancing Growth Mindset in Math – Learning together

How might we, as a community of learners, grow in our knowledge and understanding to enhance the growth mindset of each of our young learners?  What if we enroll and take Jo Boaler’s How to Learn Math: For Students and share our thinking, understanding, and learning? What if we investigate and analyze the Common Core State Standards for the mathematics that we teach?

As a team of interested math learners, we will spend 10 hours (1 PLU of credit) learning together using the following outline as our course of study.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 7.08.43 PM

In order to share our reflections, we will use a copy of the Enhancing Growth Mindset in Math Google doc to record, expand on, and share the reflections from the Stanford MOOC and our thoughts and connections to the CCSS.

It is my hope that each teacher-learner will share their reflections with everyone in the group or at least one other member.

How vulnerable will we be? What if we share what we know and don’t know and learn together?


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