STEAM: Origami – Create and Innovate

Reinventing Project-Based Learning: Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age challenges educators to ask

Outside school, who cares about these topics?  What is their relevance in different people’s lives and in different parts of the world? (Boss, 57 pag.)

What if relevance isn’t obvious, or what if it isn’t known? How might we find and blend of content, relevance, aesthetics, and meaning?

Robert Lang folds way-new origami

At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a team found a practical way to fold and store a lens made of many segments using origami.

How might we choose to embrace the challenge of finding relevance to experiment with topics that integrate ideas?

A lack of meaning in our reality robs us not only of that joy but also of our ability to use our multiple intelligences to increase our success. (Achor, 65 pag.)

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