The Science of Early Learning and Adversity: Daily Leadership to Promote Development and Buffer Stress Day 2

Rhonda Mitchell (@rgmteach) and I are attending The Science of Early Learning and Adversity: Daily Leadership to Promote Development and Buffer Stress at The Saul Zaentz Professional Learning Academy.

How can early education leaders support the design and implementation of strong early learning environments—those that buffer stress, reduce challenging behaviors, and promote development?

Day 2 Agenda (with my notes)

Classroom Strategies to Decrease
and Respond to Disruptive Behaviors
Amanda Williford
Research Associate Professor, University of Virginia, Curry School of Education, Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL)

Reflection and Application
Amanda Williford and the Zaentz Team

Strategic Planning Session
Nonie Lesaux and Robin Kane

Universal Design for Equity and Strong Early Learning
Thomas Hehir
Silvana and Christopher Pascucci Professor of Practice in Learning Differences, Harvard Graduate School of Education

My list to think about, reflect on, and grapple with from today includes:

  • How might we meet the needs of diverse learners?
  • How might we develop and strengthen strong positive bonds and relationships?
  • How can we shift the dialog to “what does this learner need from me?” How can we embrace the power of positivity to make change?
  • Can we grow into a  5:1 ratio to make change and leverage the power of positivity?
  • Can we strength our norm of no labels so that we describe what a learner can do and the next step?
  • Can we embrace the Theory of Change to gain clarity?
    structures vs. processes; outputs vs. outcomes, etc.
  • How might we improve learning for all and deepen our understanding of differentiation?

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