Mindset matters: Learning while at home

How might we develop a sense of normalcy when we are working and learning from home? What structures and practices need to be in place to help us maintain our sense of belonging and sense of community?

I have constructed my mental model of how I will work next week as have my husband and daughter.  We spent the weekend setting up our office-classroom-learning spaces, testing our connectivity and practicing so that we are prepared for Monday.

At Trinity, my school, students range in age from 3-years old through 6th grade. We know our philosophy and have an action plan for this week and next week. Our Academic Leadership Team will meet with teaching teams over the week to stay connected, check-in, and learn together.

So, here’s my plan:

  • As always, my office door will be open at 7:30 for the day.  It’s just for the next two weeks, everyone will come by my GoogleMeet virtual office.
  • You won’t always find me in my office when we are all at school, so that is to be expected.  Unlike when on campus, I’ve asked my colleagues to text me if they come to my GoogleMeet virtual office, so I’ll know to come right back. We practiced this weekend, and it works well. Thanks, Thomas, Bridget, Jedd, Brian, Sarah, and Nicole.
  • I’ll leave the following when I step out just in case someone comes by.
  • I’ll attend and contribute to all meetings and sessions as scheduled.

And, here’s my mindset: I’m going to work just like normal. I have an Academic Leadership Team meeting at 10:00, a Leadership Team meeting at 11:00, and a Grade-Level Team Leader meeting at 2:30.  Other than that, I’m working on PD planning, Summer Reading planning, and I’m available to talk about teaching this way with our faculty.

A bonus: I can run and/or yoga before school because I have a 1-minute commute instead of a 45-minute commute. #Awesome

We are prepared and organized, and we will learn.


Oh, and… I hope to connect with others outside Trinity’s gate to talk about learning and teaching.  Let’s connect if you want to share, ask, or question.

How’s your thinking and planning? What have I missed?


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