Day 2 Week 1: Learning from home

Day 2 of Week 1 of learning from home shows that we are beginning to adjust our mindsets. Grade-level teams met in one team member’s virtual room to debrief yesterday’s experiences, share successes, and begin to plan for the upcoming Week 2. The work aligns with our school’s mission and our philosophy of teaching and learning face-to-face and over distance.

I noticed that the language is “let’s meet in my room” which provides as much normalcy as possible in our thinking and language. Speaking of that, teachers started dropping by my virtual office, some just popping in, and others noticing who was “in the room” chose to come back at another time.  Isn’t that awesome? It’s almost as if we are in the building. Well, it is as close to normal as we can get, right? Mindset matters.

I won’t bore you with the hour-by-hour details, but it was a busy day. The Academic Leadership team dropped by several team meetings to celebrate and complement our teams.  I loved seeing and talking with my colleagues, teachers, and friends. As we proceed to the next week, we will take more time and care to stay connected.

Watching school and learning from home is interesting. You can check out more of what we share using #TrinityLearns.

And, here is today’s task for our 6th graders, Visual Patterns #20.  Kristi Story let me serve as a guest mathematician.  (We are using Seesaw so that students can see, hear, and interact with the task.)

How was it different than a normal day at school?

I moved more today than yesterday, but not enough. I had to fix my own lunch. #FirstWorldProblem, but I miss the great staff that takes care of me and my gluten-free needs.  Hat’s off to Chef Abel and his team. I do not clean and cut-up fresh vegetables as well as they do.

How was it the same as a normal day at school?

I did get to see, hear, and think with several teams. Words fail to express how grateful I am to work with such dedicated thoughtful teacher-leaders.

Drop-in visitors are returning to my office. Thank you, Rhonda, Sarah, Marsha, Kristi, Alyssa, and Ginny for dropping by.

I did finish finishing the Summer Learning Flyer and Summer Learning form. I’ve asked for feedback and it seem to be working.

What will I need to do differently tomorrow? 

More movement is still needed. My door remains open, and I am taking more brain and physical breaks. I still need to set a timer to remind me to walk outside, take the stairs in our home, and stretch.

I’m curious… How was your day the same? How was it different? What adjustments do you need to make?

And today: Super Better QUEST 19: What’s Your Number?
Today’s ratio: 5:1

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