Day 4 Week 1: Learning from home…Snow day; YAY! This…NO WAY!

“Did you put a spoon under your pillow?
Did you flush ice cubes down the toilet?
Remember to sleep with your pj’s on backward and inside out!”

All in hopes of a snow day.

In January and February, when the temperatures trend toward 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the conversation around school would change. Excitement would build…would it come? You know, that amazing call, text, or email that said school was canceled, and it was a SNOW DAY! Yay!

This is different.
This is not okay.
While we would cheer, “yay; snow day,”
we now say, “no…not this way!”

We are learning, and we are together, even though we are apart. It is not the way we want to have school, but we are making the best of our situation. We know that it is important to #FlattenTheCurve and keep ourselves and our communities safe.

In case you are wondering if deep learning experiences are possible when we are forced to be apart, check out our students working through these age-appropriate activities that develop and practice foundational skills in a multi-sensory way. (Here are just a few glimpses of our students – our children – doing their part to learn and to honor our routines.) #Amazing


Watching school and learning from home is possible and is happening. You can check out more of what we share using #TrinityLearns.

How was it different than a normal day at school?

While I saw additional outcomes of our planning and work, I got to work with more teams to plan new learning experiences for next week. I wish you could see how intentional the planning, teaming, and effort is. #Grateful

Sarah, Rhonda, Marsha, and I got to meet with and hear from all 23 Specials teachers. We are awed and proud of their teaming to provide high-quality tasks for students. More than half literally said, “I am learning so much!” There should never be a doubt of these teachers’ commitment to Trinity School and our students.

How was it the same as a normal day at school?

#Joyful I spent the bulk of my day with teachers and my team.  I continue to express how grateful I am to work with such dedicated thoughtful teacher-leaders who are eager to plan new engaging, multi-sensory tasks.

What will I need to do differently tomorrow? 

I need to move my office to the back deck to have some sunshine! I also want to cut more screencasts for parents, teachers, and students.

I’m curious… How was your day the same? How was it different? What adjustments do you need to make?

And today: Super Better QUEST 19: What’s Your Number?
Today’s ratio: 3:1

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