Tech Tip: Subitizing with Quick Images in Seesaw

It’s been a loooooong time since I made “Tech Tip” videos, so I’m a little rusty. Please forgive me.

Trinity School uses Seesaw for our student learning portfolios to help students collect artifacts of learning, select evidence of learning, and reflect on how they’ve learned and grown.  Parents use Seesaw to see their child or children’s learning now and their growth over time.

MyLearning portfolios have been active at Trinity School for the past 8.5 years. Rhonda Mitchell, now Early Elementary Division Head, was the MyLearning designer and facilitator in those early years. Marsha Harris, now Director of Curriculum, researched and lead the transition from Evernote to Seesaw three or four years ago.

Our students and teachers have been using Seesaw to collect, select, and reflect on their learning. As we are now apart, we are learning more and more about distance learning, and we are collecting more evidence of student learning to see growth over time. #Awesome.

While we cannot be together, we want our learning experiences to be as close to normal as we can get.  One important number talk that we use across our school is subitizing with quick images.

Below are two videos that show the student view of a Seesaw activity for Dot Talks (a.k.a. subitizing) and then a quick Tech Tip video on how the Seesaw activity was created. These are rough cuts. I can drop them in iMovie and fancy them up, but that can wait.  Right now, we are working to be true to ourselves and our vision of teaching. Later, we will improve these. Please forgive any missteps and bobbles. I’m sure the outtakes reel will be hilarious.

Subitizing with Pennies on Ten-Frames


Illustrative Mathematics Grade 6 Unit 1 Lesson 6: Area of Parallelograms. Activity 1: Missing Dots.
Download for free at


Here’s the “How to” video to create a quick image using Seesaw.

We hope you will share your creative thinking, problem-solving, and learning as we go forward.

I hope this helps.

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