Day 7 (Day 2 Week 2) Learning from home: Together and apart…we are Trinity School

You know, words really matter.

I wish we had called this physical distancing instead of social distancing.  I need my colleagues, professionally and personally. I miss our students and the buzz of excitement throughout the school day.  Trinity School is a joyful, happy place.

I feel so connected to my team, our teachers, and our students. I see so much more of their learning, their work, and their love for their teachers. It is because I am not taking it for granted.

To be clear, I do not take our teachers and students for granted. I have been taking their presence in the same physical space for granted.

This week, we are rolling out our first synchronous connections with students.  The joy is overwhelming.


So, friends… Let’s look deeply at beautiful faces, creative work, and joyful learning. While there is physical distance separating up, we are not distant. I feel connected in new and different ways. I hope you do too. #MindsetMatters

Together and apart…we are Trinity School.


  1. I’ve heard the term “Distant Socializing” and I like that better than “Social Distancing!”
    My student are doing awesome creative work. Especially their positive message and artwork they are displaying to the world in their windows. They’ve created mini art exhibits. Love their positive messages.


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