Day 12 (Day 2 Week 3) Learning from home: Leading learning takes high-functioning teams

High functioning teams focus on the learning of its members as well as the learning of their students. 

Meet our Grade-Level Team Leaders:

In their inaugural year as Grade-Level Team Leaders, this team was charged to

  • work collaboratively with the Academic Leadership Team to support the School’s mission and philosophy.
  • support effective teacher teamwork to meet school and grade-level goals. 
  • work directly with the Academic Leadership Team to grow effective teaming practices and deepen grade-level teamwork.

We know we are making progress because we have evidence that grade-level teams are learning together, deeply. The GLTLs co-labor with ALT to celebrate, plan, and problem-solve in this unusual time.  

It would be understandable to give in to all of the stress. But, look at the image above of this team.  The joy in their faces is mirrored in the faces students that they serve. 

Synchronously and asynchronously, our teachers are working with students, working in teams, and collaborating with other teams.

Leadership calls for finding joy in and out of stressful times.



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