Day 33 (Day 3 Week 7) Learning from home: #SuperBetter with Scout

Let’s do a little math, set a date for, and plan a birthday party. What do you say?

You can listen to and watch the story here or read it below.
(Or both).

This is Scout.

He likes to help me cook.

He likes sweet tea.

He loves long walks by the river.

He watches to keep us safe.

He likes big sticks.

And having his picture taken.

He enjoys hanging out.

And, napping… he loves napping.

Scout joined our family on January 29, 2016. He was 4 months old.

This is what he looked like on the day he joined our family.

Can you believe how much he has grown?

So, I was reading Super Better: The Power of Living Gamefully yesterday, and I wanted to share an idea with you and ask a question.

Since a dog’s year is one-seventh of ours, that means they should have a birthday once every _______ days. A dog birthday is a day in which you do all the things that dogs love: walks, throwing sticks, playing. (McGonigal, 319 pag.)

Now, Scout was 4 months old when he came home with me. We celebrate his January 29 “gotcha” day, and we celebrate his birthday which we decided must be September 22.  (Note: My birthday is the day before and Annie’s is the day after, so we made a string of celebrations.)

We have not been celebrating Scout’s birthday 7 times a year, but could we?  Should we? Would it increase our happiness, activity, and togetherness?

What if we wanted to do that – celebrate Scout’s birthday 7 times a year? Can you help me figure that out? We are going to celebrate on September 22. But, should we celebrate before then? When?

Will you help me “do the math?”  How many birthday celebrations should I plan for Scout between now and September 22? What are the dates of those birthdays? And, what do you think we should do?

Do you have a pet? Do you have a picture of your pet that you would share with me? What do you do together?

** Note**

Before you write me to correct me, I know that how to figure out a dog’s age is not that simple. If you want more information, check out Fetch by WebMD.

McGonigal, Jane. Super Better: The Power of Living Gamefully. Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

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