Day 37 (Day 2 Week 8) Learning from home: An invitation to do some math together

If you teach math, please consider joining us for the following PD session on Wednesday. It is based on the in-house PD that we run, and we are happy to share tips of learning while apart.

As you see from the invitation below, we are talking about fractions: visually, numerically, graphically.

Free PD for math teachers:

You are invited to EmboldenYourInnerMathematician.
Wed, May 6, 2020
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT

Join us (even if you missed the previous sessions) to sketch and compute through several tasks to feel the impact of being both author and illustrator of understanding. This session will span the K-Algebra II content and tasks.

From the NCTM and NCSM conference programs:

How might we redirect the focus of teaching and learning to center on empowering each and every student as sense-makers and doers of mathematics as they develop their mathematical identities and become agents of their own learning?

We want every learner in our care to be BOTH author and illustrator of their mathematical understanding. Explore how to deepen understanding, promote productive struggle, and increase flexibility by using and connecting mathematical representations.

Providing multiple pathways to success invites diverse learners’ ideas to the conversation. We will sketch and compute to develop a visual, vertical understanding of numeracy and how to connect learning between grades and courses.

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