Day 41 (Day 1 Week 9) Learning from home: Drop, Add, Keep, Improve

On Day 1 of Week 9, Trinity School faculty teams are busy, busy, busy.  Team meetings are more frequent than normal as we work to plan for the final two weeks of distance learning.

We see more and more outcomes from our planning and work. I love seeing our students’ workspaces, recess activities, and experiments. I know the teachers appreciate seeing their plans in action. #Grateful

We are learning, and we are together, even though we are apart. We are making the best of our situation. We know that it is important to #FlattenTheCurve and keep ourselves and our communities safe. We are not stuck at home; we are safe at home.

Week after week, we hear our creative, motivated teachers talk about how much they are learning. It is a hallmark of being a Trinity teacher – we are lifelong learners. They fulfill this important part of our mission; we are a community of learners.

In case you are wondering if deep learning experiences are possible when we are forced to be apart, check out our students working through these age-appropriate activities that develop and practice foundational skills in a multi-sensory way. (Here are just a few glimpses of our students – our children – doing their part to learn and to honor our routines.) #Amazing

We are learning more about ourselves, our teammates, our students, and the important trajectories of learning. We are learning more about assessing learning and giving actionable feedback.  We are learning how technology can help us teach, assess, motivate, and differentiate for our young learners.

As we, the Academic Leadership Team, begin to think about Pre-Planning 2020 learning for our faculty and staff, we want to design intentional learning groups so that learning is shared, discussed, and celebrated.

Before time gets away from us, we hope that teaching teams will discuss our practices when we are together and when we are apart. We know there are things we need to add when we are together that we used when apart. We know there are things we need to drop and never do again because we have learned better ways.  Also, there are things to keep and to change so that together and apart, we learn, connect, and thrive.

I’m wondering… What is on your list?

What will you drop, add, keep, and strive to improve?

I love you, and I miss you.

Together and apart, we are Trinity School.


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