Day 40 (Day 5 Week 8) Learning from home: We carry on… in style, virtually, and at a distance

Our teachers and students are determined to finish strong even though we are not together inside our beautiful gate. While it is not the same, our teachers are working tirelessly together to continue our Trinity-family experiences.

Today, the first-ever Virtual Olympics of the Body was held.  As you can see, it was joyous, fun, and athletic.  Congratulations to all teachers, students, and parents. We are so proud of all of you.  Thank you!

In other grades, Mother’s Day was celebrated. While we could not have Muffins for Moms in our building, Moms were celebrated.

And, as happens every day, we are teaching and they are learning… with style!

And, it is still Teacher Appreciation Week.

We know the current change of venue is expanding our skillsets. It feels different, distant, and uncomfortable, yet, we are learning about our students’ learning in new and different ways. Remember, school is not closed, the building is.

School is open and learning is happening.

We are still in it for the long haul, ready-and-able to clean up, heal, take time, work together, spread encouragement, and extend extra care. We will finish strong. We carry on… with style!


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