Day 44 (Day 4 Week 9) Learning from home: Making the days count

One of my former principal’s used to say

Make the days count; don’t count the days.

Trinity School is open: caring for, loving, and teaching our students. We are making the days count.

Together and apart, we work to serve our students and their families, staying true to who we are, fulfilling our mission, and enacting our philosophy of multi-sensory tasks and activities to build deep foundational understanding. We are a team: exhausted yet encouraged, stressed yet joyful, hopeful and heartened.

In case you are wondering if deep learning experiences are still happening check out our students working through these age-appropriate activities that develop and practice foundational skills in a multi-sensory way.

Our students are growing independence, designing solar ovens to cook smores and nachos, reading, mathematizing children’s literature, maintaining relationships with their buddies, producing their own Trinity TV Book Babble segments, exercising, researching, presenting, writing, and so much more.

Here are just a few glimpses of our students – our children – doing their part to learn and to honor our routines. #Amazing

We are dedicated to our students, our children. We continue to  care for, love, and teach so that they continue learning deeply.

We are making the days count.

We are teaching, and they are learning.

Know that we are with you; we love you, and we miss you.

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