Day 46 (Day 1 Week 10) Learning from home: We can, because this is what we do.

From Thomas Benefield’s Covid19 Shutdown – A Teacher’s Perspective post:

This school year is nothing at all like anyone thought it would be. It is one that I hope no one ever, ever has to go through again because it has been hard. Hard, but not impossible. Hard, but not without hope and joy and expectation. If we have to do this again, we can. We’ve learned new skills. We pivoted. We took this situation and did the best we could, and we can do it again if we have to. We don’t want to. At all. Ever again. But we can because this is what we do; we teach our students.

Thomas Benefield

Worth repeating, paraphrasing:

We can do this again if we have to because this is what we do. We teach our students.

Thomas’s post reminded me of Rise Up from Andra Day:

All we need, All we need is hope
And for that we have each other…

I want to recognize all that we are learning, teaching, and doing. Deep academic foundation is our focus as is the depth of character.

  • We have learned academic content, social skills, emotional coping strategies, lifelong habits, and more.
  • We have explored and practiced new academic content, new ways to develop and maintain friendships and connections, time-management skills, new ways to harness the power of technology, and some things to not do again.
  • We learned that the building brings us to the same place at the same time, but does not define our community. We define our community, belonging, and comfort.
  • We learned that we want to go to school: emotionally and physically.
  • We learned that we can be together even when we are apart.

Our students are flourishing.

We are teaching.

They are learning.

We are learning, too.

Together and apart… we are Trinity School.

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