TI-Nspire CAS Calculus Labs – Making Calculus More Engaging

Sam and I have been working on improving our Work Smarter Not Harder calculus labs for TI-Nspire CAS.  While we are waiting on the next OS, v. 3.2, we were able to share some of our work at the T³ International Conference in Chicago.

Our give-aways, shown below, included Lab 05 Exploring the Definition of the Derivative, Lab 13 Constructing Trapezoidal Sums,  Lab 15 Constructing Slopefields, and Lab 16 Exploring Accumulation Functions.  Each lab accompanies an interactive TI-Nspire CAS document for learners to investigate these calculus topics graphically, numerically, and analytically.

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(If you don’t have the TI-Nspire CAS software and are curious, there is a free 90-day version on TI’s website.)


Calculus Labs – Making Calculus More Engaging 90-Minute Hands-On • TI-NspireTM Family of Handhelds, TI-NspireTM CX NavigatorTM System,

TI-NspireTM CAS Teacher Software

Sam Gough, The Westminster Schools, Atlanta, GA, USA
Co-Presenter(s): Jill Gough

Labs can make the calculus classroom more engaging. We will investigate major topics of differential and integral calculus through hands-on activities. Additionally, we will investigate ways to assess student’s understanding of the concepts.


  1. Do you have a “NON” CAS version? If not, then how does the CAS version of TI Nspire compare with the NON CAS TI Nspire? Our school system purchased the NON CAS version for the TI Nspires…so I would like to buy the Work Smarter, Not Harder Calculus Activities book, but wanted to see if you had a NON CAS version


    • Hi Lew, I’m sorry to say that we do not have a non-CAS version of our Work Smarter Not Harder calculus labs. I’ve sent Sam email to ask him to leave a comment on your question to help you understand how our labs might work (or not) on the TI-Nspire.


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