Feedback: Pre-Planning Schedule – community learning

Another question I should have asked in my previous post, Back to school: Pre-Planning Schedule – community learning, is about feedback for learning.  Do we ask our learners (teachers or and students) what they liked, what they wished might be different, and for additional ideas?

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 2.09.12 PM

I sent the request for feedback later than I should have sent it.  I didn’t want to send it on Friday, September 16, since it was the first full day of school.  I wish I’d sent it on Monday or Tuesday instead of Friday.

The entire set of feedback is shown below.  As I scanned it, time seemed to be the topic most discussed, along with Happy (1/2) Hour and other meetings.  The balance of task and maintenance seemed to be recognized. I pasted the comments into for visuals. Interesting, don’t you think?

My take-a-way:  We liked how much time we had; we wished for more time; and we wondered if we had too much time.

I wish that there were more voices in the feedback. I appreciated every comment and every face-to-face conversation.  I want to improve in my ability to differentiate. I cannot grow and improve without good feedback.

How do we carry on with our traditions, integrate new and important sessions for faculty, and balance the schedule for our time together before our students arrive? How do we model the feedback that we want to see in our classrooms?  How do we respond to this feedback? How do we continue to put emphasis on building relationships in our community as we learn and work together?

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