#TrinityLearns Community (week 1)

It was a busy first week of school getting acquainted with each other, making new friends, and learning together.  We believe in having a strong sense of community, balancing tradition with a forward-thinking philosophy, having a child-centered focus, and personalizing learning where process is equally as important as product.  We have dedicated faculty and staff who love, support, and nurture our young learners.

We learn and share together in many ways.  I learned so much about my school today by reviewing this week’s #TrinityLearns tweets.  The sample below offers a glimpse into our first week of school.

I am always struck by the thoughtfulness of children.  “Keep confidence” was a rule offered by a 1st grader for the class constitution. Wow! I am not sure if I ever had a class where I was offered the opportunity to help set the rules or norms of how we would work together.  If you read through the tweets above, it was a common theme this week at Trinity.

The search for the missing Gingerbread Man became a school-wide event.  Think of the chemistry, collaboration, reading, writing, and community understanding that was explored while creating, searching for, and finding him.  It was a true community celebration.

There is so much to know, observe, and learn.  I see a strong balance of technology and no technology.  I see dedicated adults working with engaged children. I see student choice and student voice. I see personalized learning in many different spaces and environments. I see relationship-building activities for our entire community.

I wonder…what do you see?

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