MyLearningEdu 1.5 (week 4) – Learning Together

How might we learn, reflect, and share?  What if we take a moment of learning and share it with others?

  1. Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 8.36.43 PMRead Reflecting on My Learning 1.0.
  2. Watch The Future of Publishing (shown below).  How might we reframe or reverse the way we are seeing, learning, thinking, and acting?
  3. Reflect, write, and post. Read and comment on posts from at least two others inourMyLearning 1.5 cadre.  You might consider using the following protocol for your comments:
    • I like…
    • I wish…
    • I wonder…
    • I want to know more about…

BONUS: If you have written and published for other websites or magazines, cross post your work on your blog as artifacts of your writing and contributions to the learning of others.  (Examples:  Falconry: I believe in you is posted on Experiments in Learning by Doing and on Flourish.


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