Developing 21st Century Teachers and Schools (Part I: Teacher Education)

Developing 21st Century Teachers and Schools (Part I: Teacher Education)

What does a successful teacher education program (certificate/badge-based and degree-based) look like? What needs to change to make teacher education both accessible and affordable?

Marcy Singer-Gabella, Vanderbilt Faculty: 21st century teacher education.

Facilitated discussion (Vince Durnan): What’s the pathway to a more professionalized independent school teaching force? How do we evaluate teacher success and quality if we don’t have independent school teacher “standards”? How do schools support that end?

From Marcy Singer-Gabella:

How might we see teaching as a team sport? What if we team to learn and to teach where there is need?  How might we  change opportunities for learning if we leverage teacher strength to support learner need? What if we remix and partner to serve all learners?

How do we attract and retain high quality teachers? How do we help our teachers continue to learn and to lead?


How are we attending to systems of complexity? Marcy Singer-Gabella recommends grappling with the  Cynefin Framework from Dave Snowden.

Another model for mentoring from ‘s Mentoring Program: See How It Works.

I am honored to be an invited participant as NAIS gathers a group of expert educators, psychologists, and thought leaders at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of Education in Nashville, Tennessee, to discuss advances in the science of learning and what it tells us about teaching, curricula, and schools on May 19-20 for its fourth Deep Dive: NAIS Explores the Science of Learning and 21st Century Schools.



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