Developing 21st Century Teachers and Schools (Part II: Schools)

Developing 21st Century Teachers and Schools (Part II: Schools)

What does the cutting edge picture of the new school look like? How does technology fit into this picture? For independent schools that want to design new programs or new educational models, what are today’s exemplars?

John Katzman: The future of schools and school design.

Russ Whitehurst: The challenges we face in rethinking the K12 education model and curricula.

Facilitated discussion (Kim Wargo): Do independent schools need to reinvent themselves to become true 21st century schools and if so, how?

From John Katzman:


From Russ Whitehurst:


I am honored to be an invited participant as NAIS gathers a group of expert educators, psychologists, and thought leaders at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of Education in Nashville, Tennessee, to discuss advances in the science of learning and what it tells us about teaching, curricula, and schools on May 19-20 for its fourth Deep Dive: NAIS Explores the Science of Learning and 21st Century Schools.



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