Using representations and contexts to enhance sense making in K-16 with @MikeFlynn #MtHolyokeMath

I’m taking X.MTHED-404: Effective Practices for Advancing the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics (K-12).

From the website:

This primarily synchronous online course is designed to connect educators from across the country and around world to learn from some of the educational leaders in the Math/Twitter/Blogosphere (#MTBoS). Each class session will feature a different lead instructor who will guide us in exploring an effective practice for advancing the teaching and learning of mathematics. During these sessions participants will work collaboratively on mathematical tasks, analyze student thinking, explore instructional methodologies, and prepare to apply their new learning within their own practice.

Here are my notes from Session 1, Using representations and contexts to enhance sense making in K-16, with Mike Flynn.

We explored how the use of representations and contexts can give us insight into the conceptual understanding of ourselves, our students, and our colleagues. We also considered how these tools can help us uncover underlying structures in mathematics (MP7).


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