Day 39 (Day 4 Week 8) Learning from home: Finishing strong; count it all joy

Day 39 (aka: Day 4 of Week 8) of working, schooling, and learning from home supports our claim that our teachers and students are determined to finish strong even though we are not together inside our beautiful gate.

Our teams are prepared, planned, and practiced. Metaphorically it continues to like this.

Although we prefer to be in the same room where we are near, we are strong, determined, and intentional about learning goals, tasks, and relationships.

Our teachers are meeting with and teaching students synchronously while, at the same time, teaming to prepare asynchronous lessons and joyful celebrations for next week.  While it is not the same, our teachers are working tirelessly together to continue our Trinity-family experience of deep, conceptual understanding through curiosity and creativity while developing a strong academic understanding as well as a solid character foundation.

Amazing outcomes of intentionally designed learning experiences!

As our Base Classroom Teachers take up the challenge of meeting with and counseling parents on their child’s progress, our Specials Teachers take over as synchronous meetings and teaching experiences at every grade level, all while continuing to provide joyful, deep asynchronous learning experiences.

We are teaching with intent and purpose, and they are learning. The Academic Leadership Team has had the privilege of meeting with, supporting, and celebrating with every team each week. While it is often hard to see and easy to overlook, ALT has seen, appreciates, and values the rich, deep, hard work of our teachers, students, and parents.



I have observed the planning. I’ve seen the plans. I know that our teachers and students are determined to make the days count, to finish strong.

I have nevery really experienced bittersweet in such a deep way. We are sad to end this school year safely, but still apart. We are proud of and joyfilled by the learning and teaching accomplished at Trinity School.



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