#T3IC Leading Learners to Level Up: Deepening Understanding of Mathematical Practices

At the 2018 International T³ Conference in San Antonio, Jennifer Wilson (@jwilson828) and I presented the following 90-minute session. 

Leading Learners to Level Up:
Deepening Understanding of Mathematical Practices

We say: Persevere! Express regularity in repeated reasoning! Be precise! Show your work!… But what if I can’t yet? How might we make our thinking visible to empower our young learners to become self-correcting, self-reliant and independent? How do we coach – what strategies do we use – to help learners to embrace the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice? At the end of this session, participants should be able to say I can provide my learners leveled support on the Standards for Mathematical Practice on their journey towards mathematical proficiency. I can make my thinking visible to motivate learners to ask high quality questions. I can focus on the art of questioning and formative assessment tools to lead learners to level up.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Opening remarks
  2. Council (30 seconds each): Share your name, school and grade level(s) or course(s) with your table; How are you feeling this morning?
8:40 Make Sense of Tasks and Persevere Solving Them (SMP 1)

9:05 Look for & Make Use of Structure (SMP 7)

9:35 Look for & Express Regularity in Repeated Reasoning (SMP 8)

9:55 Goal setting: Back with my learners … Next steps

Here’s my sketch note of the plan for our session.

Dave Johnston (@Johnston_MSMath) recorded his thinking and learning and shared it with us via Twitter.

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