Embolden Your Inner Writer – plans and resources

How can we strengthen and deepen understanding, confidence, and efficacy in the art and practice of writing? Joe Marshall, Marsha Harris, and I are facilitating a series for interested Trinity School faculty and staff.

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In this course, we will discuss, sketch, and write to deepen our flexibility, critical reasoning, and problem-solving. Writing should be anchored in reading rich literature and developed through a cycle of reading, writing, and feedback.

At the end of the course, participants should be able to say:

  • I can write more frequently and confidently.
  • I can heighten my awareness of the craft and conventions of writing.

Session structure:

  1. Motion and Models (01/17/2020)
  2. Energy and Words (01/31/2020)
  3. Focus and Form (02/14/2020)
  4. Cohesion and Frames (02/28/2020)
  5. Details and Clutter (03/13/2020)
  6. Celebration (03/27/2020)


Preparing for Session 1: Motion and Models:

Challenges to take up:

  • Read and write daily with the goal of building stamina
  • Read and write daily with the goal of strengthening this habit
  • Notice and note sentences that inspire or challenge and share in your journal so that others may learn alongside you

Joe, Marsha, and I have been planning this course for several months.  In one of my early journal entries I wrote:

I seem to have fallen into writing reports of PD and plans and posting them on my blog. I seem to fail to tell exciting stories associated with adult learning.

And now, I have done just that… again. For the next six sessions, I will share the agenda, learning goals, and tasks. AND, I will share my take on each session, my outcomes, learnings, ah-ha’s, and struggles.

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