Day 11 (Day 1 Week 3) Learning from home: We are teaching and they are learning

I know this seems like a repeat, but I want to share another team’s learning plan. This is the Week 3 plan for Trinity School First Grade students and teachers.

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it,
does it make a sound?

I have been asked the following question numerous times over the past two weeks.

If teachers are at home, are they teaching?

And, my answer seems shocking to my family and friends who do not have school-age children in their homes.

Teachers are working harder and longer.

But, that is such an incomplete statement.

Teachers are working harder and longer and in different ways. Their creative problem solving is unparalleled.
Their teaming has strengthened and deepened.

The First Grade Team gave me permission to post their learning plan for this week. Please join me in thanking them for this gift.

Theme of the Week: Kindness
Acts of Kindness Bingo Board

Materials needed for Monday

ALL: iPad/Computer
Reading: Character Trait Printout, pencil
Math: sidewalk chalk
Word Work: Printout of L-Blends Handout
Art: Pencil or pen and paper

Reading Lesson

      1. Character Traits Mini Lesson

      2. Character Trait Activity– Put your name in the middle circle. Then, write or draw a picture of four character traits that describe you. You can use the anchor chart to help you come up with ideas.
    1. Additional Activities
      1. Teacher Read Aloud: Listen to a story read by Miss Julianne

      2. Login to Epic! to read some books online. Please use the EPIC Calendar for additional reading activities.

Writing Realistic Fiction

Monday Writing Lesson

Please upload your writing into Seesaw
Print Writing paper


Telling Time to the Hour

        1. Watch the BrainPopJr video Parts of a Clock and Time to the Hour (username:      password:     )
        2. Watch the Jack Hartmann Learn About the Clock
        3. Watch the Jack Hartmann Hip Hop Around the Clock

*For additional math practice you can play the math games from week 1 and 2, make ten games with cards, or Dreambox.

Activity: Go outside and using your sidewalk chalk, draw a large circle on the ground. Label all of the numbers around the clock. Find two sticks (a short stick for the hour hand and a long stick for the minute hand). Call out a different time for your child to create using the sticks. (Stick to 8:00, 4:00, 12:00, etc)

Phonemic Awareness

      • phonemic awareness lesson with Miss Perry

      • Read and sort the words on the l-blends sheet. Use these charts to help you, if needed. Challenge yourself to use what Miss Perry taught you about leaving sounds off words and try to say each word without its first sound.


Outdoor Color Scavenger Hunt:Head outside for today’s movement. Your challenge is to find a piece of nature for each color. You will need to find something pink, light green, orange, brown, yellow, blue, purple, red, and dark green. If possible, challenge a sibling or parent to see who can find all of these colors in nature first.


Remember at the beginning of the year when we read Pocket Full of Colors: The Magical World of Mary Blair, Disney Artist Extraordinaire? We learned about how Mary Blair was one of the first women illustrators who worked for Walt Disney! 

(We even watched a ride-through of her famous ride in Disneyland: It’s a Small World. Here’s a link to the YouTube video we watched, if you have some extra time: It’s A Small World

Mary Blair helped create beautiful movies like Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and even Cinderella. She became famous for her bright colors and bold simplified lines.

After reading the story and watching the video, we drew castles out of simple shapes.

Can you make a new castle using a piece of paper and a pencil or pen? Once you have laid out your foundation, you can add pattern and detail just like Mary Blair!

Use this link to watch Miss Nina explain some details of the lesson here:

And check out her finished work as an example:

And… that is just Monday.

If you want to see the full week’s worth of plans, activities, videos, and more, you can check it out here.

Here are some scenes from Monday:

And… that is just one grade-level of the nine grade-levels in our school.


If teachers are at home, are they teaching?

Yes; yes they are!



5 thoughts on “Day 11 (Day 1 Week 3) Learning from home: We are teaching and they are learning”

  1. Thank you so much for continuing to shine a light on what teachers are doing! Every school and every teacher should be so lucky to have a supporter like you!


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