Day 27 (Day 2 Week 6) Learning from home: We are teaching and they are learning

I wonder if, when the house is finished, we forget the foundational infrastructure required for function.  How does water get into and out of my house? Who ran the wires so that our lamps illuminate our space? Who did the work, and what work was done, prior to the slab being poured?

Earlier, I wrote about the Goldilocks conditions that we are experience right now.

Trinity School faculty teams are busy, busy, busy.  Each week our dedicated and determined faculty unite as teams and plan multi-sensory learning experiences for our young students. It is tiring and so great! We are learning more and more each day.  Some of these weekly plans can be up to 30 pages long for a grade-level.  In earlier posts, you can find examples from Fifth Grade, Third Grade, and First Grade.

The infrastructure is complex, elegant, beautiful, and hidden though seemingly visible.  At first glance, these plans are ready, finished, prepared. But think deeply for a moment…

  • How much time did it take to produce the videos, design the lessons in Seesaw, and select appropriate books from Epic?
  • How much time does it take to offer individual students (and their parents) feedback in Seesaw and in Google docs?
  • Isn’t it amazing that Art and PE support reading and math? I wonder how much work and energy went into the intentional coordination of interdisciplinary, connected content?
  • And – most importantly – how much time does it take to plan engaging, happy, enriching morning meetings where our students can name and claim their goals, connect with their peers, and have a voice in their classroom?

The infrastructure is complex, elegant, beautiful, and hidden.  #ThankYouTeachers


The building is closed.

School is open.

Here is some of the evidence:

Remember that this is a marathon not a sprint. As Sarah Barton Thomas reminds us:

In these days of constant change around us, we can hone in on the basics-pace, hydrate, rest, and trust.



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