Day 19 (Day 4 Week 4) Learning from home: We are teaching and they are learning

While the building is closed, Trinity School is open: caring for, loving, and teaching our students.

Over and over again we hear: “Will they be prepared for next year?” Sometimes, we worry about it too.  However, we are doing our best while we are home as are our families.  And, we will be together in the fall to move learning forward.

From NPR this week:

Right now students are out of school in 185 countries. According to UNESCO, that’s roughly 9 out of 10 schoolchildren worldwide.

The world has never seen a school shutdown on this scale.

The article ends:

All of these experts told NPR that when students return to their classrooms — in the U.S. and around the world — it will be in a new world. They will need lessons and school structures that help them cope with the new realities, that give them hope and the skills they need to be part of solutions.

Let’s be clear. While the building is closed, Trinity School is open, caring for and teaching students. This is not a Katrina-like event.  The school is not shut down. The building is closed; the school is open, and we are learning.

Please review the learning opportunities for students shared by our teachers of 5th Grade, 1st Grade, 3rd Grade, 2nd Grade, and math across all nine grade levels.

Check out some of the results and outcomes of these plans:

And then, there’s this (run the video to hear from our students):

Together and apart, we are working to serve our students and their families, staying true to who we are, fulfilling our mission, and enacting our philosophy of multi-sensory tasks and activities to build deep foundational understanding.

We know that our familes are doing the best that they can. We are too.  Trust that we are dedicated to our students, your children. We will be ready to make sure they are as cared for, loved, and deeply learning when we are once again together as they are now.

Know that we are with you; we love you, and we miss you.

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