Day 10 (Day 5 Week 2) Learning from home: We are teaching and they are learning

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it,
does it make a sound?

I have been asked the following question numerous times over the past two weeks.

If teachers are at home, are they teaching?

And, my answer seems shocking to my family and friends who do not have school-age children in their homes.

Teachers are working harder and longer.

But, that is such an incomplete statement.

Teachers are working harder and longer and in different ways. Their creative problem solving is unparalleled.
Their teaming has strengthened and deepened.

The Fifth Grade Team gave me permission to post their learning plan for this week. Please join me in thanking them for this gift.

I wanted you to see the magnitude and depth of care, work, and learning experience when we are apart.


Morning Greeting  with Ms. Thomas

Reading:  Angled summaries

Summarizing can be a tough skill. You want to include enough info without including TOO MUCH. To summarize only the most important info, it’s helpful to stop and ask yourself,

 “What’s this section really about?” 

Whatever your answer to that question can be your leading statement – a claim. Then, you can just tell the important events that best support the deeper idea. 

To do this successfully, you’ll need to be able to state a message, lesson or theme. 

Important points to consider:

    • What parts of the section best support your order? 
    • Tell them in order
    • Only tell the ideas that go along with your idea, don’t bring in unrelated parts 
    • If there is more than one big idea/theme, you can include both of them in the leading statement.

Let’s look at Bud, Not Buddy, chapter 9

Using your independent reading book, create a summary of a section that you have read using a copy of this Google doc. *Remember to share the document with your base teachers.*


    1. Watch the video above.
    2. Over the next few days, you will be researching the pros and cons of drinking chocolate milk. Today, you will start with the pros
    3. Watch this video and read this article. Then highlight any evidence you find to support the benefits of drinking chocolate milk. 
    4. *Remember to share the document with your base teachers.*

Additional, optional resources: video, advertisement, article


Use Seesaw (complete these in order):

    1. Watch ”Instructional video: Multiplying fractions and whole numbers 8-1 & 8-2” and follow directions.  The “instructional video” is a lesson created by Mrs. Swanton, not an “outside” video.
    2. Complete “Multiplying fractions and Whole Numbers”
    3. Watch “Instructional video: Multiplying a fraction by a fraction 8-4” and follow directions. This is also a lesson created by Mrs. Swanton

Don’t forget DreamBox! At least 20 minutes.


Weeklong Goal: Take one photo or video of you doing your science work some time this week. Put it into Seesaw Entitled: “Week 2 Science Virtual Learning”

 Read pgs 6 and 7 in your Kids Discover “Cells!” magazine. Highlight the important information using a highlighter or underlining with a pen. Annotate these pages by writing the key important ideas in the margins. 

Missing your magazine? A copy of the two pages is on the MyTrinity Science Page, Topic: Genetics and Heredity. 

Not sure what to highlight? What to annotate? See my example on the MyTrinity Science Page, Topic: Genetics and Heredity. As we begin to practice this skill, you can use my examples for guidance. 

*Note: on my annotations, I have three places with a “*”. This is where I would have written a question because the information left me wanting to know more. Instead I did some quick research and wrote it here. You can write questions as your annotations too!

Delivery: No delivery of your work is required, but if you want feedback, you may take a picture and put it in Seesaw, and I will look at it. When you are done, put your Cell magazine away in your binder.


Do a round of the “4 Breaths” — This time try to do the “Breaths” in a place in your house or yard that you’ve never done them before.

*Challenge: Take a photo or video of you doing the breaths and send to Ms. Swanton or Ms. Sears!

Social Studies

Please read/review your Studies Weekly newspapers weeks 14 and 15 (either online or paper newspaper). Create your own review guide for World War II using this WWII Guide and share it with your base teachers. Please type in black ink. You have all week to complete this, but pace yourself. We suggest you work on this some each day. 


Sketchbook Drawing
How to Draw a Face- Basic Proportions:

This is a great skill builder that you can use forever! 

Follow this tutorial to learn how to draw the proportions of a face. (10 min.)

How to Draw a Face-Basic Proportions

If you would like any feedback or just want to post it on SeeSaw, please do so! I love seeing what you are doing. Enjoy!

(or at least your neighborhood)  TO SEE!

Take a drawing you created and tape it (drawing side towards the outside) to a front window so anyone walking by your house can see it! Make their day and make them smile. 

Write a positive and uplifting message of your choice! (Have a great Day, Enjoy Nature, Breathe, Be Happy, SMILE, etc) Take a picture and share it on SeeSaw!

Physical Education

And… that is just Monday.

If you want to see the full week’s worth of plans, activities, videos, and more, you can check it out here.

Here are a few scenes:

And… that is just one grade-level of the nine grade-levels in our school.


If teachers are at home, are they teaching?

Yes; yes they are!




  1. I have also been spending LOTS of time on SeeSaw responding to the MANY posts of student artworks they are excited about sharing. It fills my heart to see their smiling faces and how they are sharing their positivity to the world with their art. Yes we are teaching! Thanks so much for sharing Jill!

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