Day 15 (Day 5 Week 3) Learning from home: We are teaching and they are learning

And… another repeat, but I want to share another team’s learning plan. This is the Week 3 plan for Trinity School Third Grade students and teachers.

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it,
does it make a sound?

I have been asked the following question numerous times over the past two weeks.

If teachers are at home, are they teaching?

And, my answer seems shocking to my family and friends who do not have school-age children in their homes.

Teachers are working harder and longer.

But, that is such an incomplete statement.

Teachers are working harder and longer and in different ways. Their creative problem solving is unparalleled.
Their teaming has strengthened and deepened.

The Third Grade Team gave me permission to post their learning plan for this week. Please join me in thanking them for this gift.

Today’s plan: Friday, April 3

Material needed for the day

    • If you choose to do any of the Colonial Crafts you will need:
        • Mason Jar or sealed container
        • Heavy cream
        • Straws
        • Felt tip markers or gel pens
        • Yarn, string, or rope
    • Computer/iPad for DreamBox and online articles

Social Studies/ Movement

Colonial Craft Day!

We are missing doing Craft Day with all of you at school, but we decided there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the fun at home! In place of today’s learning plan, enjoy some of the colonial crafts that we would have enjoyed at school. Today, you may choose to do one or more of the Colonial Crafts provided below. These crafts are completely optional.

If you decide not to do any of the crafts, see the Learning Plan below for today’s assignments.

      • Dolls:

        • Make a doll out of yarn, rope, or any other material that is similar. Follow the directions provided in the youtube video linked here.

        • No Yarn? No problem! Make a doll using a handkerchief or other materials you find using this tutorial.

      • Calligraphy:

        • If you have a straw, this link can teach you how to make your own Quill pen out of a straw & homemade ink

        • Feel free to follow along with Ms. Davida’s video to help guide you through this craft: Calligraphy with Ms. Davida

      • Butter:

        • Make Butter with Ms. Blake
          For this craft you will need a mason jar or sealed container, heavy cream, and salt. Follow the directions given in the video shown below.

    • Cat’s Cradle:

        • This craft can be done individually or with a sibling or parent. You will only need a piece of yarn, string, or rope for this fun colonial activity. Learn how to make your own and how to play cat’s cradle with Mr. Scott!

If you choose to do any of these crafts, please pick one or ALL of the crafts you created, take a picture of it and upload it on Seesaw. Record yourself sharing what you liked about the craft and what was difficult about the craft. Happy crafting, colonists!


      • Remember the chain reaction activity that you did with Mrs. Burton? Read about this professional domino artist, who set up chain reactions for a living. 
      • When you’re finished reading, write a response in your reader’s notebook to the question below.
        • How can you connect with Hevesh on your experience creating chain reactions? Would you do anything differently now that you have gotten some tips from a professional?

Writing and Word Work

You have learned about what the Pilgrims experienced when they arrived on the Mayflower. Life was challenging in the early days of Plymouth settlement! Write a letter to the Mayflower travelers for how to survive in their new home. Feel free to include some of the rules you created for your Mayflower Compact on Monday and anything that might help them build their town or have peaceful interactions with the Native Americans. See if you can write at least 8 sentences!


      • Dreambox: Set a timer for 20 minutes and complete any assignments first. Assignments are the lessons with blue notebooks attached.

World Languages

Watch the video on Seesaw: Una mascota para Maria Paz.  Read-along, listen, and answer the question  asked at the end of the presentation.

L’Animal de Compagnie de Margaux Maurice
(Margaux Maurice’s Pet)

Watch THIS VIDEO on SeeSaw. Read-along, listen, and answer the questions as they are being asked. Remember, “peut-être” means “perhaps.”

Quel animal de compagnie préfères-tu ?
(Je préfère un lapin et un chien !)

Type and record your answer with a video or a photo of yourself on SeeSaw to respond. 😀

Music: Jolly Miller solfege and Scarlatti’s Cat Fugue

Seesaw Activity: “Jolly Miller”
Go to the “Activities” tab in Seesaw and find and complete the Activity. “Jolly Miller.”

And that is just Friday!

If you want to see the full week’s worth of plans, activities, videos, and more, you can check it out here.

Here are some scenes from Friday:

And… that is just one grade-level of the nine grade-levels in our school.


If teachers are at home, are they teaching?

Yes; yes they are!




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