#TEDTalkTuesday: the power of yet

How might we teach the power of yet? Is it in the culture of our classroom and our school? What if we include a norm that gives permission to add “yet” to any sentence that has “cannot” in it?

Carol Dweck: The power of believing that you can improve

How are we raising our children? Are we raising them for now instead of yet? Are we raising kids who are obsessed with getting A’s? Are we raising kids who don’t know how to dream big dreams?

Here are some things we can do. First of all, we can praise wisely, not praising intelligence or talent. That has failed. Don’t do that anymore. But praising the process that kids engage in: their effort, their strategies, their focus, their perseverance, their improvement. This process praise creates kids who are hardy and resilient.

What if it is as simple as adding the word yet? How might we change our future?



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